Compliment Your Hair Colour with your Prom Dress

Prom season is among the most exciting and the most stressful season of the year. The amount of prom dresses available continues to grow each year, which is great but overwhelming. Choose from fun and flirty short prom dresses, to elegant formal evening gowns. While there are plenty of factors that play into the decision making process, in the end every girl wants to look stunning. So how can that happen?

Experts suggest it’s best to highlight a certain feature, so why not highlight your hair colour? This is an excellent starting point to picking that perfect gown.

We’ve put together a list of colours that work well with each hair colour. Keep in mind there are no set rules, in the end it’s all about what you love and what makes you feel beautiful. This information can be used as a starting point if you will, so you can navigate what can feel like an endless amount of choices.

The Perfect Picks for Blondes

While you may think that any colour of dress will work with blondes, this isn’t exactly true. Blondes have such a wide range of tones that picking one perfect colour can be tricky. With that said the following colours are usually safe bets for all blondes. Metallics in any shade are usually a fabulous choice for blondes. If you want to make a statement, red is the way to go. Soft pastels such as baby pink, yellow, and green are also wonderful choices if you want to take a more subtle approach.

The Perfect Picks for Brunettes/Dark Hair

As a dark haired beauty you tend to have the widest selection open to you. There aren’t many colours you can’t wear and sample with, but with that said there are some that will stand out more than others. Opt for jewel tones such as purple, royal blue, and red to really make a statement.

The Perfect Picks for Redheads

Red hair is stunning and eye catching all on its own, but finding that perfect colour dress can be a bit tricky. In general redheads work well in purple, various tones of blue and teal, and emerald green. Each of these will highlight your gorgeous locks.

Pick the Colour that Gives You Confidence

No matter whether you have opted for that long formal gown or short prom dresses, you want to be sure you feel confident in the style and the colour so you can have the time of your life!